Capacitive Touch

Capacitive touch technology is used widely in many industries, from industrial, automotive and medical equipment to everyday consumer applications such as smartphones and tablets.
The rapid development of the capacitive touch technology is that it can enhance the user experience of the device easily.It allows manufacturers to abandon the traditional switch control and replace it with a more attractive touch control.
The capacitive touch technology also helps to reduce the number of mechanical components in the equipment, then achieves a longer service life and a smaller size,which makes products using capacitive sensing more attractive to consumers. Of course, the premise is that its design, calibration and control must be good.
Multiple capacitive touch panels can be combined to form a touch screen, which can detect the position of one or more fingers on a glass panel. The touch screens are used widely in mobile phones, tablets, high-end wearable devices with limited space, etc.
In addition,they can be divided into PCB, capacitive and single-layer ITO touch panels.

Post time: Jul-27-2020